Being able to see kids rediscover foods they’ve sworn off and experience new flavors is why I teach these classes. I create fun activities for kids to use their natural curiosity to explore and prepare foods while learning about nutrition along the way.

Every child will have an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get cooking. They’ll learn essential skills such as how to read recipes, measuring and kitchen safety. By actually making the recipes themselves, they are more likely to make positive associations with a variety of new and healthy foods.

Kids will discover how fun and easy it is to cook tasty and nutritious recipes, reinforcing lifelong healthy eating habits.


  • Food of the day - Each lesson begins with an introduction of the “Food of the Day” where we share interesting nutrition facts and encourage kids to explore the food as well as ask questions before incorporating it into the recipe.


  • Meal preparation - Children work in teams to chop, measure and mix ingredients to prepare a healthy, tasty snack. During this time, essential kitchen skills will be introduced and practiced.


  • Mealtime - Kids will have the opportunity to eat and enjoy!


  • Table Talk - During meal time, children are encouraged to express what they liked or didn’t like about the food and are asked to think about what can be done differently next time to make the dish taste better to them. ​